JLPT 筆記, N1

JLPT N1 動詞一覧 Vocabulary List (Verbs)

JLPT N1 動詞一覧 Vocabulary List (Verbs)






N2 動詞一覧

自動詞 png → 自動詞
他動詞 png → 他動詞

(あお)to look up; to respect仰望;敬仰
()かすto stay up all night; to reveal徹夜不眠;説出
(あか)らむto become red; to redden; to blush紅;發紅
(あざむ)to deceive欺騙
嘲笑(あざわら)to sneer at; to ridicule嘲笑
(あせる)せる → 「色が~」to fade; to discolor褪色
(あたい)するto be worth; to deserve値得
(あつらえ)to place an order訂做
()てるto address寄;發送
(あま)えるto behave like a spoiled child撒嬌
(あやつ)to handle; to manipulate掌握;操縦
(あや)ぶむto fear; to be doubtful恐怕;擔心;懐疑
(あやま)to make a mistake; to fail弄錯;失敗
(あゆ)to walk; to make progress歩行;走;進展
()らすto damage; to destroy破壞;毀壞
有触(あり  ふ )れるcommon常見;普通
(あん)じる to be anxious; to worry; to think out擔心;掛念;思索
()()to insist; to persist堅持;固執己見
()かす to keep alive; to make use of讓…活著;有效地利用
意気込(い き ご)to be enthusiastic about振奮;幹勁十足
いける → 「花を~」to arrange (flowers)整理;佈置
(いじ)to play with; to tamper with玩弄;擺弄;玩賞
(いた)めるto damage; to impair; to injure損壞;損傷
(いた)めるto stir-fry
いたわるto pity; to sympathize with; to console憐恤;照顧
(いとな)to lead (a life); to run a business従事;經營
(いど)to challenge挑戰
()かるto pass (an exam)合格;考上
()()れるto accept; to receive接收;接納;同意
()()to succeed; to take over繼承
()()めるto stop; to catch阻止;阻撲
(うず)めるto bury; to fill up埋;填埋;塞滿
()()けるto confide; to confess説出實話;談心
()()to be absorbed in; to be devoted to專心一致;鑽研;熱衷
(うつむ)to drop one’s head低頭;垂頭
(うなが)to urge; to press; to demand催促;促使
うぬぼれるto be conceited驕傲;自大
()to give birth to; to produce產;生產;產出
()()to embed埋入;插入
()()to put on sale; to market開始出售;減慣出售
(うるお)to be moistened; become prosperous濕潤;寛裕起來
上回(うわ まわ)to be more than; to exceed超過;超出
()わるto be planted種植
(えん)じるto perform; to play演;扮演;做出
(えん)ずるto perform; to play演;演出
()いるto age; to grow old年老;衰老
()to bear; to carry on one’s back背負;負捨
(おく)らすto delay; to defer延遲
(おこた)る toneglect懶惰;怠慢
おごる → 「夕食を~」to treat請客;做東
(おさ)めるto obtain; to keep取得;獲得;收藏
(おさ)めるto pay; to deliver納;交納
(おさ)めるto subdue; to rule安定;止住;治理
()()to have one’s own way堅持到底
()()to push into; to crowd into入;装入
()()せるto push aside; to advance on湧上來;推倒一邊
(おそ)to attack襲撃
(おそ)()to be sorry; to be surprised誠煌誠恐;意想不到
(おだ)てるto instigate; to flatter煽動;奉承
(おど)to threaten; to frighten威脅;恐嚇
(おとず)れるto visit造訪
(おとろ)えるto become weak; to decline衰弱;衰退
(おび)えるto be frightened害怕;膽怯
(おびや)かすto threaten; to frighten威脅;威嚇
()びるto wear; to be tinged with佩戴;帶有
(おもむ)to go; to head for; to become赴;前往
(おも)んじるto value; to think much of重視;尊重
(およ)to reach; to amount to; to extend達到;渉及
(およ)ぼすto harm; to damage使…..受到
()(かえ)to turn up; to fold back返回;折返;翻回
()to weave編織

(がい)するto injure; to hurt傷害;危害;損害
(かえり)みるto reflect upon反省
(かえり)みるto look back; to pay attention to回顧;顧及;照顧
(かか)げるto raise; to adopt; to publish舉起;標榜;掲載
()(まわ)to stir; to throw into confusion攪拌;攪亂
()to lack; to be missing; to be short of欠缺;缺少
かく → 「恥を~」to cause embarrassment to丟醜
()けるto run快跑;奔跑
()けるto bet; to stake打賭
かさばるto be bulky體積大
かさむtorun up; to increase; to accumulate増多;増大
(かす)to be hazy; to grow dim有薄霧;朦朧
()to graze; to exploit擦過;掠過;剋扣
(かたむ)けるto incline; to tilt; to devote oneself傾斜;傾注
(かな)to be fulfilled; to be realized實現;達到
(かな)えるto grant; to answer使…達到;答應要求
(かば)to protect; to speak for庇護;保護
かぶれるto get a rash; to be influenced by發炎;起斑疹;受影響
(かま)to care; to interfere; to entertain; to tease照顧;干預;款待;戯弄
(かま)えるto set up; to be prepared修建;準備好
()()to bite off; to gnaw off咬斷;咬破
(から)to twine round; to be involved in纏在…上;糾纏
()れるto dry up乾涸
()わすto dodge; to evade躲開;避開
着飾( き  かざ)to dress up装飾;豔裝
(きし)to creak; to squeak 咯吱咯吱響
(きず)to build; to construct建築;建立
傷付(きず  つ )to be wounded, injured傷;傷害
(きず  つ )けるto wound; to injure; to hurt弄傷;傷害
(きそ)to compete with競爭
(きた)えるto forge; to train; to strengthen鍛錬
(きた)る next; (forth)coming 到來;下次的 
(きょう)じるhave fun; amuse oneself感覺有趣;以~取樂
(きん)じるto forbid; to prohibit; to ban禁止
()(ちが)to have different opinions不一致;有分岐
(くぐ)to pass under; to slip through to dive通過;鑽過;聞過;潜入
(くち)ずさむto sing to oneself; to hum a tune誦 ;哼;低聲唱
()ちるto rot; to decay; to die in obscurity腐朽;衰亡
(くつがえ)to overturn; to capsize; to overthrow弄翻;打翻;推翻
()()to insert; to include編入;排入
蹴飛(け と)ばすto kick away; to reject踢開;斷然拒絕
(けな)to speak ill of貶低
(けむ)to smoke; to look dim冒煙;模糊不清
(こい)するto fall in love with戀愛
心掛(こころ      が     )けるto keep in mind留心;注意;用心
(こころざ)to intend; to aspire立志;志向
(こころ)みるto try; to attempt嘗試;試験
(こじ)れるto become complicated; grow worse複雑化;悪化
()す 「水を~」to filter過濾
(こだわ)to stick to; to be particular about拘泥
ごまかすto cheat; to deceive; to evade欺騙;蒙混;敷衍
()もるto seclude oneself; to be confined閉門不出
()らすto concentrate凝集;集中
()りるhave had enough of; to learn a lesson不敢再嘗試;吸取教訓
()to devote to; to stiffen; be particular about熱衷;痠痛;講究

(さえぎ)to obstruct; to interrupt; to block遮住;打斷;阻欄
さえずるto chirp; to sing; to chatter鳴叫;吵吵嚷嚷
さえる → 「月/腕が~」to be bright, clear; to be skilled清澈;清晰;技術高超
(さか)えるto prosper; to flourish昌盛;興隆
()けるto split; to be torn; to tear裂開;破裂
(ささ)げるto lift up; to give; to offer; to devote高舉;獻出;奉獻
()()かるto approach; to be pressing接近;即將達到;迫切
()()to present; to submit; to send in伸出;提交;寄出
()(つか)えるto be hindered; to be interfered妨礙;阻礙
()()to deduct扣除
(さず)けるto grant; to bestow; to instruct授予;賦予;傳授
(さす)る・(さす)to rub; to stroke擦;撫;摸
(さだ)まるto be decided; to become peaceful規定;確定;穩定
(さだ)めるto establish; to decide; to determine制定;規定;決定
(さっ)するto understand; to sympathize with體諒
さっぱりするto feel refreshed, relieved; plain, frank爽快;痛快;坦率;清談
(さと)to realize; to understand; to sense醒悟;覺悟;察覺
(さば)to judge; to settle裁判;判決;妥善處理
サボるto skip (a class); to be idle偷懶;逃學;礦工
彷徨(さまよ)to wander; to linger徘徊;流浪;漂泊
う →「子供を~」to kidnap 誘拐
(さわ)to hinder; to affect; to hurt防礙;阻礙;有害
仕上(し あ)がるto be finished做完;完成
仕上(し あ)げるto finish; to complete做完;完成
()いるto force; to compel強制;強迫
仕入(し い)れるto buy; to stock; to get購入;採購;取得
仕掛(し か)けるto begin; to challenge; to set up著手做;挑釁;裝置
仕切(し き)to partition; to settle分隔開;結賬
しくじるto fail失敗;弄糟
湿気(し け)to get wet; to be damp潮濕;發潮
(しず)めるto subside平靜下來;減弱
(した)to yearn for; to adore; to follow a person思慕;敬仰;追随
(した)しむ to make friends with; to enjoy 親近;親密;愛好 
仕立(し た)てる to tailor; to prepare; to train訂做;預備;培訓 
(しつ)けるto train; to discipline教育;教養
(しな)びるto wither枯萎
(しの)to endure; to shelter from; to exceed忍耐;堅持;躱避;凌駕
()みるto penetrate; to sting, deeply impressed浸渗;刺痛;深切感受
洒落(しゃ  れ )to dress up; to be witty漂亮打扮;詼諧
(じゅん)じるto treat similarly, according to按….. 看待; 按照
(しょう)するto name; to praise; to pretend稱;稱讚;假稱
(しる)to write down; to inscribe in one’s mind記下;幕下;銘記
()()けるto install; to set; to fix安装;安設
()える→ 「社長に~」to put; to settle down安放;使….坐; 給…職位
すくう → 「水を~」to scoop舀出;用勺舀
(すす)ぐ → 「口を~」to rinse; to wash涮;漱
(すた)れるto become obsolete廢棄;過時;不再流行
()ます・()ますto clarify; look serious; look unconcerned澄清;板起面孔;滿不在乎
()ますto finish; to settle; to make do with做完;對付;加以解決
()to live棲息
()to rub; to strike; to grind; to lose摩擦;磨碎;損失
()れるto rub; to be worn out; be sophisticated摩擦;磨損;變得世故
(せい)するto control; to restrain; to suppress制止;禁止;制定;壓制
()かすto hurry; rush催促
()えるto attach; to add; with添;附加;陪同
(そく)するto agree with; to be adapted to based on切合;適應;跟據
(そこ)なうto damage; to hurt; to ruin損壞;損害;破壊
(そな)()けるto provide; to equip with備有
(そび)えるto tower; to rise; to soar高聳
()まるto be stained; to be tainted染色;沾染
(そむ)to disobey; to betray違背;背叛
()めるto dye; to blush; to start染;臉紅;開始
()らすto bend backward往後彎;往後仰
()to bend; to be curved; to bend backward彎曲;向後

(だい)するto entitle為題;題名;給…..稱號
()えるto stand up to對抗
()えるto bear; to endure; to be worth doing忍耐;忍受;値得
()えるto cease; to come to an end; be cut off停止;斷絕;殆盡
(たか)まるto rise; to win a reputation; get excited増高;提高;高漲
(たずさ)わるto participate in; to be concerned with參與;從事
(ただよ)to drift; to float漂浮;漂流;蕩漾
()()to leave; to go away走開;離開;離去
()(なお)to recover恢復
()()to drop in; to stop by順便到;順路去
()to give up to break off; to cut, wipe out戒;斷絕;切斷;消滅
(だっ)するto escape from; to get out of逃脱;脱離
()()えるto pay for another塾付;代付
(たてまつ)to offer; to present; to show respect獻上;奉獻;尊敬
辿(たど)()to find one’s way to摸索走到
辿(たど)to follow; to trace摸索;追尋
(たば)ねるto bundle; to tie up梱;紮;束起
(たま)う ・ 賜(たま)to deign to; to grant; to bestow on賜給;賜予
(たまわ)to be granted; to be honored with賞賜
(たも)to keep; to last; to preserve; to hold保持;保存;維持
(たる)to get loose; to slacken; to become lazy鬆;鬆弛;鬆懈;不振
()れるto drop; to dangle; to hang down; to drip垂;下垂;懸掛;滴
(ちが)えるto make a mistake; to sprain; to change弄錯;扭傷;更改
(つい)やすto spend; to consume; to waste花費;消耗
(つか)えるto serve; to work under服務 ; 伺候
(つかさど)to govern; to supervise; to manage擔任;管理;掌管
()きるbe exhausted run out, come to an end盡;完;結束;到盡頭
()to join; to put together連接;接上
()to inherit; to resume; to patch繼承;繼續;接上;連上
()くすto exhaust; to devote oneself to 盡;完;盡力
(つくろ)to repair; to mend; to patch; to darn縫補;修理;整理;修飾
()(くわ)えるto add to附加;補充
()げるto annonce; to inform; to proclaim告訴;告知;通知;宣告
(つつ)to poke; to nudge; to find fault with戳;捅;啄;吹毛求疵
()っつくto poke; to nudge戳;捅
(つつし)to refrain from; to be careful節制;抑制;謹慎;慎重
()()to prop up; (skin) get tight; to insist on支撐;用力推;脹痛;堅持
(つと)まるto be fit (for a post)勝任
つねるto pinch捏;擰
(つの)る → 「寒さが~」to grow violent; to enlist; to gather越來越厲害;招務;募集
(つぶや)to murmur; to mutter低説;喃喃自語;抱怨
(つぶ)る → 「目を~」to close one’s eyes閉眼;瞑目
()()てるto save up積存
()む・(つま)to pick; to pinch摘;採;剪
(つよ)まるto strengthen; to intensify強大起來;加強;増強
(つよ)めるto strengthen; to intensify加強;強化;増強
(つら)なるto stretch in a row; to attend成排;綿延;列席;参加
(つらぬ)to go through; to attain; to carry through穿過;貫通;貫徹;堅持
(つら)ねるto link; to join; to line; to put together連;連接;排列;會同
手掛(て が)けるto handle; to take care of親自動手;親自照料
(てっす)するto put one’s heart into, all night徹底;貫徹始終;徹夜
()(かえ)to reflect反射;反光
(てん)じるto change; to alter; to move to轉變;改變;搬家
(てん)ずるto be changed; to be transferred轉變;改變;搬遷
()()わせるto inquire打聽;詢問
(とうと)to respect; to honor; to value尊敬;尊重;重視
(とお)ざかるto go away; to become estranged遠離;離去;疏遠
(とが)めるto blame; to question; to feel guilty責難;盤問;過意不去
とぎれるto come to an end; to be interrupted間斷;中斷
()to explain; to advocate; to preach説明;講解;提倡
()to grind; to sharpen; to polish磨;擦亮
()げるto accomplish; to fulfill; to attain完成;達到;實現
()じるto bind; to file; to sew up訂綴;訂上;縫
途絶(と だ)えるto stop; to cease; to be interrupted断絕;杜絕;中斷
(とどこお)to be delayed; to be overdue施延;耽擱;拖欠
(とな)えるto recite; to chant; to advocate; to shout唸;誦;提倡;信導
(とぼ)けるto pretend not to know; to be silly假裝不知;装傻
()to be wealthy; to be rich in富有;豐富
()(あつか)to handle; to treat; to deal with處理; 對待;操作
()()to tackle; to grapple with埋頭;致力於
()()まるto manage; to control; to oversee監視;管理;監督
()調(しら)べるto investigate; to examine調查;審問
()()てるto levy; to promote; be worth mentioning徴収;提拔;特別提及
()()to act as an agent; to tell代辦;傳達;轉告
()()けるto install; to withdraw (money); to obtain安裝;提款;取得
()(のぞ)to remove; to get rid of除掉;去掉
()りはずすto remove; to detach他動詞 png 移除;拆卸
()()to surround; to fawn upon包圍;圍住;奉承
()()ぜるto mix up; to put together拌合;摻和
()(もど)to take back; to recover; to restore取回;拿回;恢復健康
()()せるto get; to order; to send for訂購;譲寄來;譲送来
(とろ)けるto melt; to dissolve; to be fascinated溶化;融化;沉醉於
度忘( ど  わす)れするto forget; to slip from one’s memory一時忘了;一時想不起來

(なげ)to lament; to grieve; to deplore; to regret嘆氣;悲嘆;慨嘆
(なげ)()てる)to throw away他動詞 png 丟棄
()()to throw out; to sacrifice; to abandon他動詞 png 抛出;豁出;丟開
馴染(な じ)to get used to; to fit習慣;適應
(なじ)to rebuke; to blame責問;責備;責難
(なつ)to take to; to be tamed接近;馴服
名付(な づ)けるto name起名;命名
()めるto lick; to taste; to despise; to burn up舔;舐;嘗受;輕視;燒光
()らすto accustom to慣於;使適應
()()to be concluded; to consist of達成; 構成;組成
似通( に  かよ)to resemble相似
(にぎ)わうto be crowded; to bebustling, prosperous熱鬧;擠擁;繁榮;興旺
()()to run away; to escape逃出
(にじ)to blot; to be blurred; to ooze out滲出;隱約;湧出
(にな)carry on one’s shoulder; bear擔;負擔;承擔
(にふ)to become dull, blunt, to be weakened變鈍;變遲鈍;變弱
()かすto omit; to leave out; to skip除掉;跳過;省去
()()to sneak out, to break away from愉愉溜出;擺脱
(ねじ)れるto be twisted; to be distorted扭歪;彎曲
(ねた)to be jealous; to be envy妒忌
ねだる →「おもちゃを~」to coax out of a person死皮頼臉地要求
(ねば)る to be sticky, to stick to; to persist 黏;堅持;有耐性 
()る to knead; to temper; to polish; to train揉成;攪拌;使精錬;潤飾 
(のが)to set free; to let go放過;錯過
(のが)れるto escape; to get away; to avoid逃跑;逃出;逃脱
(のぞ)to want; to desire; to hope; to overlook希望;願望;眺望
()()to take over; to hijack奪取;劫持
(ののし)to abuse; to scold; to curse責罵
()()to swallow; to grasp吞下;領會;理解
()()to get on; to go on board乗上;坐上

()えるto glow, to shine; to look attractive照;映照;顯得好看
(はかど)to make good progress, to get along進展順利
(はか)る to consult with 磋商;協商 
(はか)to plan; to attempt圖謀;策劃
()ぐ to tear off, to strip; to peel 剝下;揭開 
(はげ)ますto encourage, to cheer up鼓勵;勉勵
(はげ)to work hard, to endeavor努力;勤勉
げるto peel off; to fade剝落;脫落
()けるto turn into; to disguise oneself變化;化装;假扮
(はじ)く →「水を~」to flip; to flick; to repel; to shed彈;防(水彈)
()じらう to be shy, to blush害羞;臉紅
()じるto be ashamed; to blush害羞;羞愧
(はず)む to bounce; to be in high spirits 彈起;高漲;起勁
(はた)to dust, to slap撣去;拍
()たすto achieve, to accomplish; to realize完成;實現
()てるto come to an end; to die終;盡;斷氣
ばてるto be tired to death 筋疲力盡
(はば)to prevent; to hinder; to oppose阻止;阻擋
(はま)to fit into; to fall into吻合;中計
()やす to grow 使生長;種;留(鬍子) 
(はやめ)めるto advance提前
(はや)めるto quicken to speed up; to accelerate加快;加速
ばらまくto scatter撒;散佈;散播
()()to compete with競爭;爭奪
()れるto swell; to become swollen腫;腫脹
(ひか)えるto refrain from; to wait節制;抑制;等候
()()げるto pull up; to raise to return; take back吊起;提高;歸回;收回
(ひき)いる to lead; to conduct; to command 率領;帶領 
()()とす to withdraw from an account 轉帳支付 
()きずるto drag, to trail拉;拖;施行
()()to succeed繼承
()()to withdraw; take back; look after, leave 退出;取回;収養;離去 
(ひず)to be distorted, to be strained歪曲;變形
(ひた)to soak; to dip浸;泡
()()to scratch抓;搔
()めるto keep to oneself; to hide隱藏;隱瞞
()やかすto tease; to make fun of戲弄;逗弄
(ふか)まるto deepen加深;深入下去
(ふか)めるto deepen 加深;加強
(ふく)れるto swell out; to expand; to bulge腫;脹
(ふけ)る to indulge in; to be addicted to 沉迷;沉溺 
()ける to grow old 上年紀;老 
()まえるto stand on; to be based on踩;踏;根據
()()む to step into to raid to reflect deeply on 陥入;闖入;深入 
(ふる)わせるto shake; to tremble使震驚;發抖
(へだ)たるbe distant from; be estranged距離;間隔
(へりくだ)be humble謙遜;謙恭
()to pass through, to go through經過;通過
(ほう)じる to report, to inform; to notify 報道;報告;告知 
(ほう)ずるto report, to inform; to requite報告;報答
(ほうむ)る to bury, to hush up 埋葬;掩蓋 
(ほう)()to throw into投入;投進
(ほう)()to throw out; to give up; to abandon拋出去;中途放棄
()けるto grow senile; to shade off; to fade遲鈍;發呆;退色
(ほこ)to boast; to be proud of引以為榮;自豪;驕傲
(ほころ)びるto be ripped; to bloom綻線;開花
(ほど)けるto get loose; to be solved; to be cleared解開;懸開
(ほどこ)to give; to do; to perform施捨;施行;給與
ぼやくto complain 發牢騷 
ぼやける to grow dim; to get blurred; to fade 模糊;不清楚 
(ほろ)びる to fall; to be ruined; to perish  滅亡
(ほろ)ぼすto ruin; to destroy使滅亡

()to dance; to flutter跳舞;飛舞
(まか)to entrust to; to leave to委託;任憑
()かすto beat; to defeat戰勝;打敗
(まかな)to provide with food; to cover expenses供給;維持;籌集
(まぎ)れるto be confused; to be diverted混淆;難以辨別;分散
まごつくto be confused; to be at a loss慌張;不知所措;失策
(まさ)to be better; to be superior勝過
(まじ)えるto mix; to include to cross; to exchange摻雜;交差;交換
(まじ)わるto associate with; to cross; to intersect交往;結交;交叉
またがる→「馬に~」to mount; to sit astride; to extend over跨騎;跨越
()(のぞ)む to look forward to; to wait for 期待;盼望 
(まぬが)れるto escape; to get rid; to avoid; to evade避免
(まる)めるto make round; to draw to one’s side 弄圓;拉攏
見合(み あ)わせる to exchange glances; to put off 互相對看停;暫停;作罷 
()(うしな)to lose sight of, to lose track of迷失;看丟
見落(み お)とすto overlook; to miss漏看;忽略
見下(み お)ろす to look down; to overlook; to disdain 往下看;蔑視 
見掛(み か)ける to see; to meet, to notice 開始看;見過 
()せびらかすto show off, to display賣弄;炫耀
()たすto fill up, to satisfy充滿;填滿;滿足
(みちび)to lead; to guide; to conduct引路;引導;指導;導致
見積(み つ)もるto estimate估計;估量
見詰(み つ)めるto gaze at; to stare at凝視;注視
みなす to regard; to think of; to consider當作;看作
見習( み  なら)to learn; to imitate學習;仿傚
見逃( み  のが)す to overlook; to pass up; to forgive 漏掉;放走;寬恕 
見計(み は)らうto time one’s visit at the proper time估計;計算;安排
見張(み は)to watch監視;看守
見渡( み  わた)to look out over放眼望去;眺望
むしるto pluck; to pick; to pull off 拔;摘
(むす)()く) to be tied up, to be connected  聯繫;結合 
(むす)()けるto tie together, to fasten; to connect 繫上;結合 
(むら)がるto cluster; to crowd聚集
(めぐ)to give (in charity)施恩惠;施捨
(めく)to turn over, to pull off翻;揭下
目覚(め ざ)めるto wake up; to awaken睡醒;醒悟
()to call; to send for, to wear, to take a bath; to ride in, to eat to drink召喚;着る、お湯に入る、乗る、食う、飲む等的敬語
(めん)するto face, to look out面向;面對;面臨
(もう)ける to prepare, to arrange; to establish設置;設立
(もう)()れるto make a proposition; to offer提議;建議
(もう)()to offer, to propose; to request表明;提出;提議
もがくto struggle, to be impatient掙扎;著急
もたらすto bring; to take; to bring about帶來;招致;造成
もてなすto entertain; to be hospitable; to treat款待;招待
もてるto be popular受歡迎
()める →「会議が~」 trouble arises; to get into trouble 爭執;起糾紛 
(もよお)to hold; to give; to feel舉行;舉辦;感覺
()らすto leak; to omit to disclose漏;泄露;泄漏
()()がるto rise; to swell; to grow lively 隆起;鼓起;高漲起來
()to leak
()れるto leak out to be disclosed; to be omitted漏出;泄露;遺漏

(やしな)う to nurse; to bring up; to cultivate 養育;飼育;供養;培養 
(やす)めるto take a rest; to relax使得以休息;使放鬆
()む to get sick; to suffer from; to worry about 得病;患病;煩惱 
()(とお)to carry out幹到底
()()げる to accomplish; to finish; to complete 徹底完成 
(やわ)らぐ to be eased; to abate 柔和;緩和 
(やわ)らげる to soften; to relieve, to soothe 使柔和;使緩和 
(ゆう)するto have; to possess; to own有;擁有
(ゆが)to be distorted歪斜;歪曲;不正
()さぶるto shake; to shock搖晃;搖動;震憾
(ゆす)to wash; to rinse沖洗;涮;漱
指差(ゆび  さ )to point at指;指示
()らぐto swing; to sway; to waver搖動;動搖;震撼
(ゆる)to loosen; to get loose; to abate; to relax鬆;鬆懈;鬆弛;緩和
(ゆる)めるto loosen; to relax; to slow down; to ease放鬆;緩和;放慢
(よう)する to require; to need; to take 需要
()けるto avoid; to evade; to shun避開;躲避
(よみがえ)る・(よみがえ)to revive; to come back甦醒;復甦;復興
()()かるto lean against; to depend on倚;依靠
(よわ)まる to weaken; to soften, to abate 變弱;衰弱 
めるto weaken; to slow down使變弱
(よわ)to weaken; to fail in health; to be tired 軟弱;衰弱 

()()to cut in; to break into擠進;插隊;插嘴

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