JLPT N2 副詞一覧 Vocabulary List (Adverb)

JLPT N2 副詞一覧 Vocabulary List (Adverb)



相変(あい か )わらずas usual, as before仍舊;依舊
あいにくunfortunately, untimely不湊巧;偏偏
(からだ)くまでto the end (utmost); persistently到底;徹底
anew; over again 重新;再一次
lively, vividly活潑;生動
いくぶん (幾分) a little, somewhat 稍微;一點
いずれin any case反正;早晚
いちおう (一応)by and large; in a way; just in case大致上;大體;姑且
いちだんと (一段と) still more 更加;加
いっきに (一気に)all at once; immediately; instantly; right away一口氣地;不停地
いっせいに(一斉に) all at once; simultaneously 同時;一齊
いっそう(一層) all the more; still更加;進一步
いったん (一旦) for a moment, once姑且;一旦
(いま)soon; before long不久;遲早
(いま)にもat any moment馬上;眼看就要
いらいらgrow impatient, get irritated焦急;焦躁
()わばso to speak 說起來;可以說
うろうろstroll; flutter 徘徊;徬徨;不知所措
うんとa lot很多;非常地
おおいに (大いに)much; greatly 很;非常
おもに (主に)chiefly, mainly, mostly主要地
(おも)わずin spite of oneself, unconsciously 不由得;不知不覺地
(かなら)ずしもnot necessarily (後接否定) 不一定;未必
(ぎゃく)conversely; on the contrary相反
偶然(ぐう ぜん)by chance; by accident; unexpectedly偶然;沒想到
くれぐれもgive my best regards 衷心地
(げん)actually, really確實;確定
(ごく)very; exceedingly; extremely 極;最
再三(さい さん) again and again再三
さすがindeed; as may be expected 真不愧是;畢竟是
さっさとquickly; promptly趕快地;迅速地
ざっとbriefly, roughly, approximately大概;粗略地
さっぱりneatly, not at all; not in the least (後接否定)一點也不
しいんとquietly, silently 寂靜
じかに (直に)directly, at first hand, personally直接地;親自
しきゅう (至急)urgent, immediately趕緊;緊急
しきりにfrequently, eagerly, earnestly頻繁地;不斷地;熱情地
しじゅう (始終)always, constantly經常;總是
次第( し だい)gradually (progress into a state); in sequence; in order逐漸地;慢慢地
しみじみkeenly, heartily, seriously深切;親密;仔細
じゅんじゅん (順々) in order, one after another, one by one 接順序;依吹
じょじょに (徐々に)gradually, slowly 徐徐;慢慢
(すえ)finally; after; following; at the end/ conclusion of 結果;最後 (經過一段時間)
すっとabruptly, quickly飛快地
ずらりとin a row一大排
せいぜい (精々)as much as possible; at most儘量;充其量
せっせとdiligently; hard 拼命地
ぜひとも surely, certainly一定;務必
せめてat least 至少
ぞくぞく(続々)successively, one after another陸續;連續不斷
そっくりentirely; exactly like, just as it is 全部;一模一樣;原封不動
そっとquietly, secretly 輕輕地;俏俏地
その(うえ)besides; in addition; furthermore而且;再加上;又
そのうちbefore long; some day, by and by 一會兒;不久;近日
たいして (大して) (not) very; (not) much(後接否定)並不那麼
たいそう (大層)very much非常
だいぶん (大分)very很;非常
たえず (絶えず) all the time, always, continuously經常;連續
たしょう (多少) more or less; somewhat多少
たった(唯)only; no more than 只;僅
たんに (単に) only, simply 只;僅
ちゃくちゃく (着々) steadily, step by step 穩步地
ついに (遂に) in the end; after all終於
てんてん (点々) scattered; in drops稀疏;一滴滴
てんてんと (転々と) from place to place; rolling轉來轉去;滾動
どうせafter all; in the end; anyway, anyhow終究;反正;無論如何
どうやらpossibly; apparently; seems like; somehow; barely好像;看來;總算
とたん (途端)にas soon as; immediately 剛一;正當
とっくにa long time ago很久以前;早就
どっとsuddenly, all at once突然;一下子
なにしろanyway; anyhow不管怎樣;反正
なにぶん (何分)some, anyway, please 某種;某些;畢竟;請
なんともreally, not at all; nothing, cannot實在;(接否定)怎麼也
のこらず (残らず) all; wholly; without exception全部
はたして(果して)as was expected; really; sure enough果然;果真
ばったりsuddenly; by chance突然
ひととおり(一通り)generally; briefly 大概;一般
ひとまずfor the present暫時;姑且
ひとりでにby oneself, automatically自己;自動地
ほうぼう (方々) everywhere; all around 各到處
ほぼalmost; about大致;大概
まごまごconfused; hesitated 徬徨;不知所措
まさにcertainly; be about to 的確;快要
まだしもrather; better​還好;還行;還算可以
まっさき (真っ先) at the very beginning; first of all最先;首先
まったく~ないnot at all全然(不);完全(不)
めいめい (銘々) each; individually各自;各個
めちゃくちゃexcessively; mess up胡亂;亂七八糟
めったにseldom, rarely(後接否定) 很少
もしかしたらperhaps, maybe或許;可能
もしかするとperhaps; maybe或許;可能
もともと(元々) originally, by nature根本 ; 本来
ややa little; more or less; rather 稍微
ゆうゆう (悠々)calmly, composedly 悠悠然;不慌不忙
ようやく (漸く) gradually; barely漸漸;勉勉強強
よほど / よっぽどvery; greatly; much; to a large extent頗;很;相當
わりと(割と)comparatively; rather 比較
わずかにslightly; only; barely; narrowly總算;好歹;勉勉強強

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